"A Taste of BALM plus More"

Are you looking for guidance that works?

Are you wondering what your role really is in your loved one’s recovery?

Do you wonder how to up your loved one’s chances of a successful treatment experience and how to behave once they come home?

Would you like to see how the BALM can help parents, couples, and whole families?

Hear how the BALM is helping people the world over learn to find peace, help their loved one, and move their whole family forward in love and connection.

Package Includes;

Lesson One: The Family’s Role in Early Recovery (Recording)

Lesson One: The Family’s Role in Early Recovery (Workbook)

Price: $149.99

Interviews: (Recordings)

The BALM Transforms a Family


How to Help Your Loved One Have a Successful Treatment Experience

A BALM Marriage

A Family Embraces the BALM Across Generations

Love-Based Parenting

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